Who ever wears silk and drinks khamr in this life, will it be forbidden from him in the Hereafter?

Question: This questioner asks: Who ever wears silk in this dunya and consumes khamr (wine or intoxicants) in this dunya, it has been said that he will not wear silk nor drink khamr in Paradise. Is this something permanent or he is cut off (from them) in the beginning only?

Answer: Allaah knows best. This is for the one who does not repent. It is apparent that it is for the one who does not repent. Whoever repents, Allaah forgives him. But the one who does not repent, and he persists upon this (these sins) until he dies, it is known that he will not dwell in the Hellfire forever. And if he is punished, then it is a must that he will come out (of the Hellfire). And when he enters Paradise, will he or will he not drink khamr? Concerning this there are some statements of the Scholars. Some of the Scholars have said that he will not desire it nor will he drink it. And some of them have said the other than that. And Allaah knows best. But the Paradise, whoever enters it, then for him is honor. For them in Paradise is what their souls desire and what is pleasing to their eyes. Yes.